Why Higher Values?

Higher Values provides a way for your school to share its unique culture with people looking for more than just a college.

Prospective students are inundated with non-specific marketing information about colleges all the time with no information about how a particular school aligns with the things they care about most.

Prioritize connections over leads

Prospective students are more than just leads – they are people with hopes, dream and aspirations. Creating a verified profile will help you articulate what values define your school and demonstrate how well these values are implemented by your school into daily practices and operations.

Having a verified profile will make initial conversations with prospective students more meaningful, informative, and efficient because they’ve already identified their beliefs and behaviors as being in alignment with your school’s.

8 Reasons why your school needs a verified Higher Values profile?

  1. Unlimited number of leads generated from the Higher Values profile
  2. Enables your college to be part of the early college discovery process prospective students embark on.
  3. Unique profile filled with 100% evergreen content that is hosted by a 3rd party – us 🙂 !
  4. Connection widget feature that allows a student to directly contact a college representative with zero signup friction. Unlimited leads.
  5. Semi-annual profile review sessions with the Higher Values team to make sure your profile content is up-to-date and consistent
  6. Quarterly Analytics reports showing: Profile Views, Leads sent from Higher Values to your school.
  7. Quarterly health checks with a Higher Values team member to discuss leads and talk about continuing success on the higher values platform
  8. Semi-annual blog post features where we do an interview with a college admission team member about your school and why it is awesome and why students should consider it.

How do I create a profile page for our school?

Just email me jason @ highervalues.io and I’ll follow up with the next steps. In your email, please include:
1. Your first and last name
2. The name of your company
3. Your role at your company

4. Choose eight core values from this list and rank them by priority: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1a2t07OqZK1F0MTFEKc7rEC9sMHzFkWsjpSMkc0lmfwA/edit?usp=sharing